ArbotiX Commander v2.0 Kit

Artikelnummer: TR-ARBX-CMD-V2

Der ArbotiX Commander v2.0 ist ein Arduino kompatibler, open-source XBEE-kabellos hand-held Controller, gebaut um ArbotiX/NUKE powered Roboter mit Beinen zu steuern.

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The ArbotiX Commander v2.0 is an Arduino compatible, open-source XBEE-wireless hand-held controller built specifically for controlling ArbotiX/NUKE powered walking robots (but it can be interfaced to virtually any microcontroller or PC). This gamepad style controller comes ready to be setup with the ArbotiX Robocontroller. The ArbotiX Commander v2.0 was meant to be hacked, modified, upgraded, and otherwise tinkered with, and uses a simple serial protocol to interface with other Xbee enabled devices.

Commander Specifications:

  • 16MHz Arduino Compatible Microprocessor (ATMEGA328).
  • Uses an XBEE Radio. (XBEE sold separately, not compatible with PRO series)
  • Open Source Firmware
  • 2 Joysticks, 8 buttons.
  • Uses 4x AA Batteries.


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