Bristlebot Kit V3

Artikelnummer: NO-BRI-BOT

Bristlebots are simple micro robots using a conventional tooth-brush head and micro motors.

Bristlebots primary purpose is to make robotics education accessible and affordable. Bristlebots is a way where everyone, both young and mature, can dive into to the world of robotics.

Hersteller: Imaginebots LLC

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Our new V.3 kits were made for durability, speed, and easy assembly for new advanced discoveries.

No more hot messy soldering. Attaching the motors to a Bristlebot is easier than ever with our new motor module. The motor is designed to be attached underneath the robot for a low center of gravity for a better balance. Its also gotten easier to power a bristlebot with AAA batteries our hassle free battery holder module.

What is it that makes a Bristlebot fly across the tabletop? That makes a Bristlebot race faster than its opponents and electrifies the students that built them? It comes to their creative designs really. The slanted brushes will help propel the robot forward, and a reduced amount of bristles help it glide easier across the tabletop. The brushes are custom made to fit our motor modules.

Each Kit includes:

  • (1) instructional package
  • (1) custom toothbrush head,
  • (1) PCBA Motor Board,
  • (1) AAA battery,
  • (2) GluDots
  • (3) small rubber bands
  • (1) chenille stem
  • (2) wiggle eyes.

  • Mindestalter: ab 4 Jahre
    Wissenslevel: Anfänger
    Vermitteltes Wissen: Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit Elektronik Feinmotorik Förderung des Durchhaltevermögens
    Größe: ca. 3 cm
    Batterie: Im Lieferumfang enthalten Laufzeit mehrere Stunden
    Vorkenntnisse nötig: Nein
    Unterrichtsmaterial: Nein
    Anleitung: Deutsch und Englisch
    Eignung für Kinder: Ja, unter Aufsicht, da verschluckbare Teile
    Erforderliche Artikel: Keine

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