Jaguar Arm

Artikelnummer: DR-JA

Dieser Arm eignet sich für alle Jaguar Platformen von Dr. Robot 

Hersteller: DrRobot DrRobot

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  • Rugged robotic arm (3DOF + 1DOF gripper) for compact mobile robots
  • Compact, lightweight and durable with aluminum main construction
  • 710mm (28 in) reach with max 4Kg payload
  • Low energy consumption
  • Wide gripper opening (150mm/ 6 in)
  • Integrated joint-space and gripper Cartesian space arm control
  • Wrist mounted camera (optional) providing high resolution close-up view
  • Additional on arm option includes Infrared LED, white LED for night and day time illumination, dust blower, laser scanner and various sensing devices

This rugged 3+1DOF robotic arm (Jaguar Arm) is specially designed for compact mobile robots such as Jaguar 4x4, Jaguar-Lite and Jaguar V2. It is light on weight, low on power consumption and compact on size. It has 3 DOF + 1 DOF gripper, with maximum reach of over 710mm (28 in), max payload capacity of 4Kg at max reach, while weights under 10Kg. Wrist mounted color video camera (not included) provides high resolution (640x480) close-up view. Jaguar Arm is ideal for object inspection and handling. It could also work as an articulated sensor platform. Integrated software features independent joint space control as well as gripper Cartesian space control. While it only has 3 rotation joints (excluding gripper), when working together with the Jaguar mobile robot, Jaguar Arm could achieve full 6DOF, and reach virtually any position and at any orientation within its allowed working space.

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