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Mechanical system allows imitating the human movement

Each finger stays and moves independent

Hand uses 5 Actuonix PQ12 miniature linear actuators - you can use all PQ12 specifications

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Characteristics :

Fluid and human-like movement thanks to an innovative and patent pending system

Independent fingers

Several gripping modes

Sensors can be integrated in the fingers and in the palm, depending on the needs (temperature, RFID, etc)

Different materials, depending on the needs

Possibility to use the hand as a platform for research

Different controlling systems

Works with 6V

the majority of the parts is laser-cutted in order to enable mass-production and simplify maintenance

Left and right hand consist of the same parts



The hand uses 5 Firgelli PQ12 Miniature Linear Actuators which deliver 40N at 6 mm/s each (max strength 50N, max speed 10 mm/s, back drive force 35N).

These motors existed in several configurations which can all be used in the hand.

PQ12.R actuators are ideally suited to use in robotics and radio

control models. The .R actuators or ?linear servos? are a direct

replacement for regular radio controlled hobby servos. The

desired actuator position is input to the actuator on lead 1 as

a positive 5 Volt pulse width signal. A 2.0 ms pulse commands

the controller to fully retract the actuator, and a 1.0 ms pulse

signals it to fully extend. If the motion of the actuator, or of

other servos in your system, seems erratic, place a 1.4?¶

resistor in series with the actuator fs red V+ lead wire. The

PQ12.R Linear Servos are designed to work with typical RC

receivers and battery packs. Consequently they also are

compatible with Arduino control boards, VEX Microcontrollers

and many other similar boards designed for robotics.


Mechanical design:

The mechanical system which allows imitating the human movement with only one actuator per finger is patent pending. Each finger stays independent.

In addition, the thumb can change is position to adapt to several grip strategies.

The hand is composed with the following under-assemblies :

? Finger x3

? Thumb x1

? Thumb mobility system x1

? Palm x1

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