Shipping costs

Our terms of shipment:
Shipping outside of Germany is insured and fast. We ship by DHL or by UPS.
Of course UPS is in many cases more expensive than DHL, but it is pretty much sure the package will reach you in time if you need it fast.
We ship -if net value is below 100 EUR - by DHL packet or Deutsche Post Airmail to all countries in Europe.
Airmail is trackable but mostly only to the country border where it is handed over to the local carrier service, and it is not insured.
If you prefer another method or want to ship on your shipping account please get in touch with us.

Shipping Cost Calculation:
Our shipping costs are calculated automatically by adding the weight of the products plus an offset for packaging and searching the resulting total weight in a shipment table for your country. These tables are the official tables by the carrier companies, such as UPS or DHL. We cannot take in effect all surcharges which occur by UPS due to private location delivery or fuel charges or special packaging. This is why we add a fee to the UPS and German Post and DHL deliveries for packaging and handling as well as for signed shipment which is needed to track if it gets lost or is in transit for an unusual period of time.

We try to ship all in one shipment
If we cannot ship with one shipment we will get in touch with you and discuss the possibilities. For foreign countries it makes more sense to wait until all parts are in stock and then ship in one single shipment. If it is an urgent shipment then we will discuss with you the best way.

Something went wrong?
If you feel something went wrong with the shipment, then get in touch by email only, this is faster than a call:

if the products do not work as expected, write to our support team:

Fax: +49-30-338438-73
Post: noDNA GmbH, Bessemerstr. 22, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Please note: as stated by german law (see OLG Hamm 1-2 U 177/10) we are only required to proof the exit of the merchandise from our storage center to the transportation company. Our liability for the shipment ends with handover to the carrier, it does not include the liability until it reaches you. If anything goes wrong in transit or at your arrival site the carrier company is liable up to the amount of liability and value which the chosen shipment method allows.

Returning items
Please discuss all retuned items with us before you do the return shipment. We will not accept packages on our cost from foreign countries.
You cannot return opened kits or items you have used more than for inspection.

Repair Items
Please send the repair items well packed to our company with a most detailed description of the repair to be done or fault which occured.
We will discuss with the manufacturer about warranty replacement or repair for you.

noDNA GmbH, Germany

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.