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Your polyvalent robotic shop

As complex and polyvalent systems, robots are very useful for researches at Universities or scientific centers. But robots are also used favorably in other fields such as aeronautics, astronautics, entertainment industry and hobbies, namely model making. If you use robots at work or in a private setting, you will find all you need in the robotic shop of noDNA. As an internationally renowned company, we offer all kinds of models (robots with legs, for example the Hexapoden, robots on wheels and robots tracked vehicles):

  • Robots in kit
  • 3D printer
  • Electronical accessories
  • Robots sensors
  • Mechanical components
  • Software and other articles

For instance, if you are looking for a robot with legs, you can find in noDNA’s robot shop complete kits for specimens on two, four or more legs. We also offer robots based on human being, dogs or spiders. Depending on the model, the necessary servos are already included or have to be ordered and installed on the robot. You can obviously find the proper servos in our robotic shop.

Robotic hardware you are going to enjoy!

If you are looking for a robot with driving skills, the robotic shop offers an appropriate selection of articles.  We possess numerous models on wheels, inspired from buggies, jeeps or Sumo robots. You can also find in robotic shop of noDNA humanoid robots on wheels and three-wheeled models, which can move without modification in omnidirectional orientation. Our range of robotic hardware includes a lot of different chassis, adaptable to your requirements.

The tracked vehicles have always been especially suitable for deployment in territories difficult to reach. This is also true for robots: our robot tracked vehicles specially adapted for uneven grounds. Even climbing stairs is not a problem for these technological marvels, whether for tank-robots or low chassis. Depending on the model, robots can be programmed with Arduino. In our robotic shop, you will find robot kits from Polulu as well as components for tracked vehicles of Lynxmotion.

Other robot parts in our shop

You will of course find other robot parts in noDNA’s robotic shop, for instance our robot arms. They consist of gripper arms which can be installed on separated chassis. Depending on your needs, we can provide models for smaller or heavier loads, from 300 grams (0.66 pounds) to 4 kilograms (2 pounds). The monitoring can be partly assured by a PS4-controller or PC.

You will also find a large choice of electronical and mechanical accessories in the robotic shop. We offer a wide range of geared motors and servos of various performance classes. Moreover, our portfolio includes different electronical (for instance adapters, controllers, displays, cables, accumulators) and mechanical (among other things pipes, axles support, housings, bearings, nuts and bolts) spare parts.

  • Stepper motor
  • Geared motor 24V
  • Geared motor 12V
  • Geared motor 6V

The robotic shop for demanding customers

In addition to aforementioned articles, other products are available in our shop, such as magazines, OLLO kits and many others. noDNA manufactures robots since 2003 and has already be rewarded by several national and international prizes in robotics. If you are looking for a large choice of components and precious advices, our robotic shop is the right place for you!